Cashback Bonuses

Cashback Bonuses are also known as Refund Bonuses. They are totally different online casino bonuses from the welcome and other free bonuses, which have other features. Cashback bonuses offer you the return of a certain specific amount of money that you have lost while playing. It is usually limited to a pre-established period.

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All the details

This bonus will not be the same in all cases, but you will always receive it in your account if the casino in question offers it. It may also be that the bonus is linked to a series of specific games to promote them. In any case, these bonuses have certain conditions that you must meet and are usually limited in time.

Despite the differences between the different websites, all cashback bonuses have in common that they will give you cash. Of course, remember that only some online casinos offer us this type of incentive.

The amounts you receive with this bonus depends on the type of player you are. For the so-called high rollers and frequent players, the conditions are quite different compared to the conditions of those who only play online casino from time to time. For your reference, these bonuses range between 5% and 20% of the amounts you lose during your activity in the casino.

Conditions of cashback bonuses

Before playing, you should check whether you have the possibility of a cashback bonus. Also, carefully read the terms and conditions of the voucher that you must comply with to take it. Betting limits exist, but they also vary by website.

Choosing the best cashback bonus is not that easy. You must consider the offer, but also your personal preferences. Do not lose sight that it is not money that is given to you, so read carefully all the terms and conditions. Remember that these bonuses force you to comply if you don’t want to see your chances of enjoying it vanish.

Of course, you must consider the amounts that you will have to play to get the bonus in question, remembering that they are very different from the welcome bonuses or the no deposit bonuses. Look at your budget and, if you think that you will not be able to meet the wagering requirements, remember that you are not required to accept the promotion.

Are these bonuses frequent?

Once again, it is impossible to make a pattern of behaviour common to all online casinos because each website follows its own scheme. There are those that offer the bonuses weekly and others that choose to offer it monthly. The important thing is that you are attentive and do not miss the opportunity to recoup part of your losses by playing your favourite casino games, and sites such as have great titles just for you.

Even though more and more online casinos have this type of cashback bonus every day, there are still many that do not. If you want to enjoy them, it is better that you make sure what policy your reference casino follows in this regard.

The key to the success of cashback bonuses is that, in practice, they put a free amount of money into your account simply for playing. In addition to recovering part of what you lost, they also give you an extra interesting incentive to play whatever you want.

In conclusion, this is a good opportunity, but whose conditions you must know well before launching into it. Keep in mind that games like online blackjack or roulette may be exempt from these bonuses and that can be a problem if these are your favourite casino games. As always, it is best to know the bonus in-depth before accepting it and thus be able to get the most out of it.