Online Casinos

In the age of the Internet, casinos traditionally have a hard time, as more and more reputable online casinos or Internet casinos are springing up from the ground. Due to the omission of travel and the greater convenience of internet casinos (think of free casino bonus), the number of users of these websites continues to increase. In addition, these websites offer better payout percentages than land-based casinos. Some internet casinos even offer higher payout rates for slot machine games and the publication of payout percentages on their websites. However, the exact payout percentages of the games depend on the respective game rules. There are exactly three types of online casinos: browser casinos, download-based casinos and live online casinos.

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Browser casinos

With this type of online casino, you play the respective games directly via your internet browser. There is no need to download additional software. To be able to play the games, you only need Java software and an Internet browser that supports Java. However, an additional program may be required for more complex games. So it can happen that additional programs like Flash or Shockwave are required. In order for graphics, sounds and animations to run smoothly, sufficient bandwidth is required for the Internet connection, as these must be downloaded via the plug-in. Anyone who has an iPod, iPad or iPhone should look out for online casinos that have games that can be controlled via an HTML interface.

Download-based online casinos

With this variant of the online casinos, in contrast to web-based online casinos, you have to download the software client to be able to play casino games. Web-based casinos run slower than download casinos, but the software download can be time-consuming and, as is the case with all downloads, viruses or malware can be included in the download.

Live online casinos

The third and last type of the different casinos is the so-called live dealer casino. The respective game is moderated by a real human croupier and his game actions and communication are broadcast via live stream. Communication with the dealer works via chat. The actions by the player take place via a console on the screen. The aim is to ensure that the player can interact in the same way as he would in a regular virtual casino game. What is different, however, is that the outcome of the game does not depend on random number generators but on physical interaction. The financial outlay for a live online casino is much higher than with ordinary online casinos, which is why many online casinos only offer live dealer games. These games are mostly also the most popular among casino games. These include games like roulette, blackjack, and online poker. To guarantee a live dealer casino offer you need at least a live studio, cameramen, croupier, a server room, software room, and an analysis studio. In addition, a referee, the so-called pit boss, is required, who clarifies differences of opinion and rule violations. In addition, an IT manager should be available for the smooth functioning of the software. Live dealer casinos come in a wide variety of modifications. There are models in which the dealer actions are shown on their own television station, as well as models in which the live dealers show the actions on their website. Nowadays, interactions can also be handled via smart TV smartphones.


The simplest type of online casino is certainly the web-based type, as it is possible to start playing immediately with no software download or only a small additional program. Download-based casinos, on the other hand, require a little more time to install software and there are dangers such as viruses or malware, but this is also the fastest type of online casinos. The third type, the so-called live online casinos, is the smallest division of online casinos. Due to the high financial outlay and the greater technical effort, this is the rarest type of online casino, but perhaps also the most exciting.