Welcome Bonuses

These casino bonuses are offers that you can enjoy by registering at an online casino. It is activated when you make your first deposit into your account and most often it is a percentage added to that amount. Normally, that percentage is 100%, but it can vary depending on the web. They usually have a series of wagering requirements that you must meet to enjoy all their advantages.

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For many users, this bonus is the main reason for registering at a casino. Its great advantage is that it gives you extra funds to be able to play more and get more out of it. In addition to the percentage, the bonuses also establish a maximum amount that you can take.

Companies are aware of the potential of these casino bonuses; hence they are becoming more and more attractive. You can only enjoy them once, so you should know their terms and conditions so as not to miss your chance.

Welcome Bonus wagering requirements

In the very same way of other casino free bonuses, welcome promotions typically require several wagering requirements to be met. You must meet every one of the conditions indicated to you. Otherwise, you will not only lose the bonus funds, but also the winnings that you have accumulated up to that point.

Once again, the requirements vary as much as each website wants. One of the most common is that you must bet the bonus amount a specific number of times to withdraw your funds. They can be 30, 35 or 40 times (it will depend on the casino) and, to achieve this, you will have a specific and limited period.

You can also find other requirements such as that, for example, you can only use the bonus in certain games within the casino game offer, or that your bets have a minimum value. Of course, it could also be that the first deposit you make must reach a certain amount or that the bonus will be given to you in parts as you make new income.

Whatever the conditions of the bonus, the truth is that it is the most attractive offer of all you can come across in online casinos and it is worth knowing them in depth.

Tips to get the welcome bonuses

As we have seen so far, the welcome bonuses of online casinos give you enormous possibilities to improve your gaming experience, and you can found some great recommendations at www.marvelouscasinos.com. You must always keep in mind the requirements of each of them to be able to withdraw your funds. This is always the trickiest part of bonuses, so we want to give you some practical advice.

You must know the terms and conditions in depth

it is very important that you read them carefully before launching for the bonus. Some are stricter than others, hence their relevance.

Decide your rhythms

if you only play on weekends, for example, it will be difficult to meet the demands of a short-term bonus. Always look for the offer that best suits your way of playing and do not change the habits with which you feel better.

Contribution of games to rollover

not all contribute the same percentage of what you play towards the bonus. Slots are usually the ones that contribute the most, but if you don’t play slots, then you should take that into account and perhaps look for other options: some casino offer these type of promotions on card games like online poker.

Be very aware of the deadlines

all the bonuses will give you a maximum period to meet all their requirements. If you see that you will not be able to fulfill it, stay away from that bonus. The best thing is that you are clear how much you must play per day to reach your goal and launch yourself if you see it feasible.