Free spins Bonuses

Slots are already the most popular online gaming modality in many markets. One of the biggest attractions of these games is the free play options that they often launch. There are all kinds of free spins to improve your bottom line in the simplest way. Sometimes these extra spins are linked to the welcome bonus, but in others, they can appear in regular offers that you should take advantage of.

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What are free spins?

Free spins are an option available in many of the most popular online slots of the moment. Most users enjoy the ability to win spins on their favourite slots without risking anything. Also, this option usually leads to bonus rounds and potentially big prizes making everything much more attractive.

Free spins are generally awarded when three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen. Each game is different, so you should check the pay table when you are interested in seeing if this option is available and how to activate it. You must know in depth the conditions of these free spins because they always entail the fulfilment of certain requirements. If you think that you will not be able to fulfil them, it is better that you look for a better option.

Many games have an option called “retrigger”, which means that if 3 of the symbols appear during the free spins round, a new series of free spins will be triggered. This option is not indicated in the payment tables, but it is appropriate to assume that if it is not mentioned anywhere, it is most likely not offered. If you see that your reference slots can offer you this opportunity, do not miss it because it can make you win much more.

Free spins bonus offers

Since slots have become such an important part of every casino (in fact some casinos are dedicated exclusively to this) the free spins offer has grown and each day they are more important within the whole of the online gaming industry.

Free spins can accompany a cash bonus, no deposit bonuses or be an offer in and of themselves. These spins give you the possibility of having completely free spins with which you can get to know the slot better and opt for the prizes you can achieve. All of this has enormous value because at no time will you be putting your own funds at risk. Many times, the websites launch these opportunities for a single slot machine or also for a group of them.

How to use these free spins

How to obtain them varies depending on the online casino we are talking about. You may receive a message on the site or in your email notifying you that you have free spins on a particular game. When you go to the game you will see a window telling you how many free spins you have and asking you to start playing. On other sites they will give you a token that you can use to use your free spins whenever you want, although sometimes they have a deadline; so make sure you don’t lose your free spins by waiting too long to use them.

Free spins are given at the lowest pay per line of the game and the casinos will not be extremely generous about it. Despite this, the game must use the maximum number of paylines. So, you can have a payout of 1 cent for each pay line which means that your winnings will be multiples of that cent.

Once you know that there is the possibility of playing those free spins, all you must do is enjoy them, considering the requirements that each website may impose in this regard. For the rest, the game does not vary at all since you are using free spins.

Types of free spins

  • Free spins without deposit: you can enjoy a certain amount of extra spins without making any deposit. They are a way to multiply your options with hardly risking anything.
  • Free spins without requirements: you do not always have to comply with them to withdraw them. Despite not being very frequent, at times, you can withdraw the winnings from these spins without having to do anything.
  • Free spins per deposit: these usually appear, for example, in welcome bonuses. They give you extra spins, but first, you must meet the requirements of making a specific deposit in your user account.