Online Slots

Online slots are one of the most popular casino games in any online casino around the world. Every day there are more types of slots that you can see in the different casino websites, due to the great follow-up by users and the constant innovation by game developers who are constantly adding new titles to their portfolio of games.

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Technology has allowed its design to be more and more attractive and they have even been able to adapt, so that you can play from the mobile device of your choice (smartphone or tablet). Its relevance has reached such a high level that most online casinos have special offers for you to get free spins in the same way as in other casino games.

Easy to play and fun

Its mechanism allows to start several rollers that rotate on their own axis and, when they stop, they reveal a series of symbols that are the ones that form winning combinations. The lines that are formed in the slot machines are not only the horizontal ones, but they can also be the diagonals. With this, the options to enjoy the game and to get winning combinations are multiplied.

All movement and stops of the rollers depend on a “motor” that is controlled by a system of algorithms known as RNG (Random Number Generator). Every time you press Play, said “motor” rotates the parallel reels. The big challenge with these slots is that you don’t know where these reels will stop. That’s where its difficulty lies and where all the excitement of the game lies.

Software developers

One of the most important keys to the rise of slots has been the growth, diversification and, above all, the constant technological innovation of the different game development companies like we can read at These companies have raised the bar on the design of these games by improving the player experience.

Most slots you see on the web are signed by such important companies as NetEnt, MGA, Quickspin, Playtech or Yggdrasil, among other consolidated companies in the sector. All of them share the value they place on the quality and safety of their games.

Games with big Jackpots

One of the most interesting slot varieties are those that offer the possibility of winning a jackpot. The jackpot is nothing but a pot (sometimes fixed and most of the time an accumulated pot) with which you can choose to win a big prize significantly higher than normal. It is closely related to the RTP (average return per player) since, the lower this is, the bigger the jackpot will be.

Each slot has its own jackpot and its growth will depend on the value of the spins and the number of users. Although it may be the case that the jackpot of a given slot is the result of the bets of the players of a specific developer, in most cases this jackpot is accumulated by the game of players who play that slot in any online casino, in any country in the world.

To win the jackpot, you must achieve a winning combination with the most valuable symbol in a single spin. These jackpots are unpredictable and remember that they can be fixed (when the amount is always the same) or progressive (the amount is accumulated and grows with the spins).

Playing slots for free

As you can see, there is a wide variety of slot machines so you can enjoy them in the way you like best. In addition, the different modalities that exist, guarantee that you have fun to the maximum in each print.

Without a doubt, there is also the opportunity to enjoy free slots. There is not a single player who is not excited about these types of options, so we are going to tell you about some of the opportunities that you can exploit without spending a penny:

  • Playing with the welcome bonuses: enjoying free slot games is possible from the same bonuses. Often, online casino websites allow you to use the extra funds they give you (in the form of a free casino bonus) in what you like the most and that includes slots.
  • Enjoy Free Spins – Welcome packs are increasingly adding free spins as a complement. It is the ideal opportunity for you to play all the slots that you like without putting your own funds at risk. In addition, they are perfect to better understand the menu of your reference website and be prepared to raise your level as a player of the slot machines.
  • Demo versions: many casino websites offer these demos so you can try whatever free slots you want. They do not give you the option of making money with these spins, but they are a good way to know their mechanics and prepare for when you do put your money at stake. The demos are a great training that will be very useful when it comes time to go all out.